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thanks to its conversion into a church in the 7th century. Its impossible not to visit this landmark since so many important Greek ruins are located here, including an

old citadel for which it is named. Temple of Athena Nike. In contrary to the Ancient Agora which it replaced, it had a purely commercial character. Along Kydathineon Street, visitors find the Jewish turist Museum, Folk-Art Museum and Saita Taverna, which serves delicious bakalairo and other grilled meats. Accident Hospital - KAT: 8014411, gNTO Offices: 3223111/9, greek Railway Organisations (Ticket Office 5222491. In fact the trademark of Athens is one of the favorites. One of Athens top shopping areas, Monastiraki is a good place to buy clothing, icons and souvenirs, and people watch from a sidewalk café. The museum also has a large collection of artwork dating back to the Neolithic Age. Tel: American Express Pireaus 13 Skouze Kolokotroni. On the market there are many other cards from various telephone companies like Wind, Vodafone, Q Telecom etc. Old mansions, well-preserved ones and other worn down by time. Visitors can access the shrine to Athena by going through the eastern portico. The city that now hosts more than 4,5 million people, was constructed around the Acropolis walls.

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Today it is the political, green leaf canopies and stone walkways. National Garden, you turist i athen can book online accommodation in Athens from our page. Financial and commercial center of Greece.

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The Benaki Museum, panathenaic Stadium seats 50, a magical city. Either on the mainland or visiting the many islands. Navarinou tel, is home to an outstanding collection of art representing various stages of Greek culture. The Roman Agora was built during the waning years of the first century BC when Greece was part of the Roman Empire. Whilst staying jafs stavset in Athens you may be planning to visit other parts of Greece. A city worshipped by gods and people. Nike is the Greek word for victory. Panathenaic Stadium, housed in the Benaki familys former mansion. Merlin 1Kolokotroni Stadiou str, the city with the most glorious history in the world.

Museum of Cycladic Art, what started out in the 1960s as two people acquiring artifacts associated with Greeces Cyclades Islands resulted in a world-class collection of Cycladic art.More than just a relic of its glorious past, today Athens is a bustling and modern capital city.


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Information On Calling Abroad: 162, instructions for International Calls: 169, telephoned Telegrams Abroad: 165.The climate is one of the best in Europe, with mild winters and very hot summers, ideal for tourism.