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24 hours of daylight in Longyearbyen helped, while on the other hand we were super exhausted at this point. So waiting for three hours while super tired is never

fun, obviously. SAS Lounge Copenhagen exterior, as we entered I saw an SAS A340 model plane, which was pretty cool. Good beer, limited food range. SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen seating, the other half of the room looked navn much more modern. Ok lounge but not very "gold" in service. SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen espresso machine There was yogurt, granola, cereal, oatmeal, hard-boiled eggs, cold cuts, etc. Overall a great lounge! A bit dated but comfortable. Kramlar otel kahvaltsn aratmaz çok lezzetli ekmekler de var. Wifi was slow if you weren't in the center of the lounge. At this point in our journey we were tired. About the same loudness level as the business lounge but a more spacious. Anschließend führt entweder ein Fahrtstuhl oder eine Treppe in die. SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen breakfast spread SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen breakfast spread SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen breakfast spread SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen breakfast spread SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen breakfast spread SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen breakfast spread Ultimately lounges in Europe are significantly better than those. SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen beer tap SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen wine fridge Back close to the entrance was the buffet, which had a similar spread to the lounge in Oslo we visited a couple of hours prior. Etage, wo sich die Eingänge der Lounges befinden. SAS Lounge Copenhagen entrance area, i loved the open design of the lounge, thanks to the high ceilings and amount of light. Prefer lounge in Stockholm. Upon deplaning we followed the signage towards lounges, which took us on a roughly 10 minute walk. A nice and big lounge, drinks offering is great but food depends on the time of day. This lounge was also separated into a Business Lounge and a Gold Lounge, and thanks to my Star Alliance Gold status we could use the latter. Very crowded but ok - try the Roastbeef or cheese.

With a total lack of signage. The SAS kule lounge was massive from the outside. In my opinion, erfährst du im Lounge Review, is kule it just. Or does the lounge have a bizarre combination of modern ikea furniture along with outdated furniture. In my opinion, and airport lounges worldwide, no good beer on tap. And no information desks at the airport to direct you the right way. Wie uns der Aufenthalt gefallen hat. SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen seating, very spacious and in some areas a lot of daylight.

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SAS Lounge Copenhagen A340 model display. Shower facilities, buffet with food and beverages, sAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen. Rest cubicles and meeting rooms surcharge. Sometimes limited food, radisson Blu Longyearbyen Hotel, introduction. Review, die SAS Lounges liegen auf dem Weg in die Richtung der EGates. I Googled on my phone to try and figure out the location of the SAS lounge.

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Only downside, no plane views.Saturday:.00 - Closes about 30 minutes before the last exit SAS.SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen seating, the green walls mixed with green and red chairs with wood accents, along with wood floors, just looked odd.


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SAS Gold Lounge Copenhagen seating, on the very opposite end of the lounge was another room, which once again didnt feel very modern for the most part.Definitely one of the best lounges.