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has not developed concrete plans for alternative politics, but there is a several page-long program on the partys website (Ginbot.d.). In connection with the death sentence for five of the defendants, the judge explained that these were people who had previously been convicted of similar charges.13. THE partys activities outside ethiopia, g7 has been active in the diaspora and since 2008 has built up an organisation with many former CUD members in Europe, Australia and North America. Several well-informed, diplomatic sources (1, 2 and 3) Landinfo met in March 2012 explained that the evidence presented in these cases is thin, and that the threshold to convict a person of terrorism is low. Two Ethiopians in exile with connections to esat were charged in absentia with violations of criminal law and anti-terrorist law in 2011 (Amnesty International 2011a).9 esat and G7 are partially financed by the same sources, but are otherwise separate entities, according to a central. Department of State 2011).8 G7 is also responsible for radio broadcasts which are transmitted to Ethiopia twice a day, three times a week. T/en/file/local/1457491/1226_ t wird vom Österreichischen Roten Kreuz (Abteilung accord) in Kooperation mit dem Informationsverbund Asyl Migration betrieben. G7s leader, Berhanu Nega, etiopia has claimed (conversation in Oslo May 2009) that the arrests in 2009 were primarily the result of an internal rebellion in the army, and not politically motivated. These parties are illegal (Criminal Code 2005 and any activities in Ethiopia are mainly underground. In connection with the arrests, the federal police in Ethiopia said that they had proof that the accused were connected to what they referred to as G7s terrorist plans (Tekle 2011). According to a diplomatic source Landinfo contacted in December 2009, the group of 46 defendants were primarily current and former officers in the Ethiopian army. The possible impact of Ethiopians political activities in exile is discussed in the response Political activities in exile (Sur Place) (Landinfo 2012). The evidence which was presented during the trial against these 24 people in March 2012 was thin, according to several of the sources we met in Addis Abeba in the spring. This constitutes the largest wave of arrests since the government cracked down on regime critics after the parliamentary election in 2005 (Western diplomatic source, e-mail September 2011). They were charged with the following offences:. . The charges, the 24 in the Andualem case were charged in accordance with paragraphs 3, 4, 5 (not all 6, 7 (not all 248 and 252 of the Criminal Code (2005). Information on G7s ideas and organisation are available in Ethiopia. The government held elections for parliament in 1995, 2000, 20, but the implementation has been criticised for favouring the ruling party, which is the dominant party with strong influence on the administration and the courts. Andualem was abducted in Sudan, according to a well- informed diplomatic source (1) Landinfo spoke with in Ethiopia in March 2012. Most of the accused are members of the two largest Oromo parties, the Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement (ofdm) and the Oromo Peoples Congress (OPC).

Since the establishment of the party. But is also characterised by an ideological. The ruling party won all the seats skien except one in parliament and 1904 seats in the regional assemblies. Are so extensive that any organised activity would be difficult to track. By exposing the public to serious risk. The report illustrates the partys establishment and program. By kidnapping, eprdf made a clear warning to UDJ in March 2011 that members of the party were conducting illegal activities under the guise of legal opposition. By destroying government buildings and by disrupting public services.

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On 10 November 2011, in a conversation with Landinfo in March 2011. Academic environments where there landinfo etiopia is access to landinfo etiopia Internet and satellite. S Andualem allegedly had a list of other G7 members. This especially applies in urban, according to the journalist Peter Heinlein 2009 there were also people in civil government sectors amongst those arrested. Andualem, eight of those who were sentenced to life in prison were in exile.

According to this G7 leader, the cells are found in all universities and colleges in Ethiopia, and this cell organisation was reportedly presented on Ethiopian TV in 2011 in a news broadcast in which the government asked Ethiopian to be vigilant for such activity.The party operates the website.The Ethiopian Federal Court convicted 40 of the 46 defendants in 2009.


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According to Amnesty International (2011,.The radio broadcasts are transmitted on four different bandwidths to avoid the governments attempts to block the transmissions (Ginbot.d.).