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is something of a hidden treasure in the crown that is language learning and perhaps it has never occurred to you to take an interest. Du har fått

en telefon - literally you have a telephone, it means you have a phone call. Perhaps this is how world conflict should be resolved. Risgrøt, hot rice porridge, with a delicious smørøye forming. Here are our five favourite idioms from Norway; we hope you enjoy them as much as. Å ha bein i nesa, translation: To have bones in your nose. Å grave ned stridsøksen. You can watch the video here if you arent sure what we are referring to (shame on you). Å ta beina på nakken Translation: To put your legs on your neck Meaning: To run away from something. Å være midt i smørøyet, to be in the middle of the butter's eye. This dog has so much hair to judge Josch13 / Pixabay Å skrive noe bak øret Translation: To write something behind the ear Meaning: To make a mental note of something; to make sure to remember something. A little less of a catastrophic image there perhaps. Why not contact us and see what we can do to help you reach your language goals? Most of the cases it did work, but others, it does not. So actually, if you hear this expression it is something very positive and not related to food! The first time I heard this expression I thought my memory was failing and that I just had forgotten that I had recently seen this person. Originally Der er ulver i mosen (there are wolves in the bog). Translation: To be a ping in the bowl. My immediate reaction was to hope the same. Learn Norwegian online : The Mystery of Nils, norwegian Class 101, takk for sist, thank you for the last time. KEN / Wikipedia Å koka bort i kålen, translation: To boil away/into nothing in the cabbage. This is a polite, nice way to serve food to guests. Were avinor trondheim ankomst a little jealous in fact. Translation: To bury the battle axe, meaning: To bury the hatchet. After all it is food and it should have a taste, right? To sum it up, any time you hear an expression and find it utterly funny or just plain weird, the odds are that it has a very different meaning than you first think. Ah, the humble idiom. What it really means: Nice to see you again.

Idioms english norwegian

Translation, when an idea or plan comes to nothing through waffling Å få blod på tannen Translation. To stand with your beard in led lys bil regler the post box Meaning. To be in the middle of hvite klumper i halsen the butter eye. Man skal ikke skue hunden på hårene Translation. Norwegian idioms are quite straightforward and to the point and up for misinterpretation by the unassuming nonnative speaker.

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To be right in the best possible spot. Another expression worth remembering, the further you head away norwegian from your own language. Jeg har en høne å plukke med deg.


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At first I just didn't know what to think or how to translate this expression.Hva er i veien?Meaning: To be empty-headed/stupid (from the ping-like noise an empty bowl makes when you tap it).