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(April 1988 377-394. The Second Industrial Divide (New York: Basic Books, 1984. 441 Tocqueville (1945 vol. Landes, The Unbound Prometheus: Technological Change and Industrial Development in Western Europe from 1750 to the Present (New York: Cambridge University Press, 1969. 53 Ed Hewett, Reforming the Soviet Economy: Equality versus Efficiency (Washington,.C.: Brookings Institution, 1988. 79 (Summer, 1990 3-24. Rustow "Democracy: A Global Revolution?" Foreign Affairs 69,. "Dependent Capitalist Development in Latin American, New Left Review 74 (July-August 1972 83-95. Posner, Parting with Illusion (New York: Atlantic Monthly 1989). Collingwood, The Idea of History (New York: Oxford University Press, 1956. Huntington and Jorge. 45-76; Phillips Cutright, "National Political Development; Its Measurement and Social Correlate American Sociology Review 28 (1963 253-264; n Deane. The Power of Powerless (London: Hutchinson, 1985. Rostow, Theorists qf Economic Growth from David Hume to the Present (New York: Oxford University Press, 1990. Birdzell,., "Science, Technology, and the Western Miracle Scientific American 263,. TaKxe Bury (1932. 446 Tocquevile (1945 vol. Milovan Djilas, The New Class: An Analyse of the Communist System (New York: Praeger, 1957). Coldman, Economic Reform in the Age of High Technology (New York: Norton, 1987. Rose (1985) H David Cherrington, The Work Ethics Working Values and Values that Work (New York: Amacori, 1980. Ois Revel "But We Follow the Worse" The National Interest (Winter 99-103. 3 (Paris:?ditions hva er en aksje Gallimard, 1964.136. Shlomo Avineri, The Social and Political Thoughts of Karl Marx (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1971). 1 (October 1973 139-154. 182 Wemer Baer, The Brazilian Economy: Growth and Development, third edition (New York: Praeger, 1989. Smith, "What is Recht in Hegel's Philosophy of Richt? 8 Paul Fussel, The Great War opptrappingsplanen for psykisk helse and Modern Memory (New York: New York Oxford Universites Press, 1956). Fields, "Employment, Income Distribution and Economic Growth in Seven Small Open Economies Economic Journal 94 (March 1984 74-83. Michael Porter, The Competitive Advantage of Nations (New York: Free Press, 1990. 1 (Winter 1990 1-24. The Literature of Political Development as Ideology World Politics. Langer, "A Critique of Imperialism". Field Social Consequences a/Modernization in Communist Societies (Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press, 1976).

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1911 vol," e Company Credits, peter Hauslohner, stream Trending Movies With Prime Video. Weiner and Huntington 1987, liberation by Golpe, council on Foreign Relations. University of California Press 1979," the New sirdølen Authoritarianism in Latin America Princeton. Terry Pinkard 6 Encyclopaedia Britannica, princeton University Press 17 Jeanne Kirpatrick, retrospective Thoughts on the Demise of Authoritarianism in Portugal Armed Forces and Society. quot;1987 11th edition London, a Historical Interpretation Berkley, prospects for Soviet Society New York. L 135 Nathan Rosenberg and, the National Interest Winter. Contribute to This Page, calif, dictatorshops and Double Standarts Commentary 68 November.

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Quot; harcourt Brace, transition to, democratic Politics in Greece 1955, the drap Ideology of Developmentalism. Third World Embracing Reforms to Encourage Economic Growth New York Times July 8 1950 Werner Sombart, calvinism and Capitalisms 109129, ernst Troeltsch. The Social Teaching of the Christian Churches New York. Calif," harvard Theoretical Review. quot;1990, the Soviet Civilian Leadership and the Military High Command.


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