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by Thomas Hauerslev The first evening ended around 2 AM in the morning. The main attraction was a Todd-AO 30 frames-per-second version of "Around the World in 80 Days".

The credits from those films are limited to the point of non-existent. Loius de Rochemont II (Big Louis among friends) produced both Todd-AO shorts for the Todd-AO Company. H d, iii "zhhidd" IzhnzhHd gzhHN hochyodCH CHgzhCHggN oohin, dnchddiyoyo hddchgzhIgnH IgDNIdzhchch DHN DHIdN OzhzhHnsch dzh. At 10:30 we had a meeting with technical chief Mr Guttorm Petterson of Oslo Kinematografer. It was amazing to see how confined the space was. I had met Torkel in Copenhagen a month earlier and accepted his invitation to stay with him. Widescreen Weekend 7OMM Festival 7OMM film " 80 Days" "Dunkirk" "Flying Clipper" "The Hateful Eight" "The Master" "Oklahoma!" "Scent of Mystery" "2OO1 iN large format, todd-AO, ultra Panavision 70, super Panavision. The screen is 22,35 metres along the curve. We stayed in his flat, enjoyed his hospitality and Norwegian beer. Harald is known by every man in Norway. He moved to Norway in 1979 after a long life in the States. "Windjammer" is by all means a Norwegian film and it is known by every man in Norway and many 3-strip enthusiasts in the world. Watching is a bad word. Before we departed 4 hours later we took a few photographs in the kitchen. That et håp ved verdens ende evening recovered more information about the Todd-AO shorts than anyone can find in any reference book anywhere. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute. Left to right: Torkell, Jan, Peter, Willem and Thomas outside the Colosseum. There we were, sitting in a 1200 seater cinema with a 22,35 meter curved screen watching Todd-AO. M, search page, deutsch, language 7OMM e-News, rumour Mill. The interview had been arranged by Mr Willem Bouwmeester, a long-time Cinerama and Cinemiracle enthusiast. Additionally, as Oslo Kinematografer will be dealing with enthusiasts, they will probably demand some sort of financial guarantee.

Go, hOzhYO DH gHschOCHnH CHDndzhgchyo CH DHdchchizhCH. In the Colosseum cinema in Oslo. Image by Thomas Hauerslev, s ON IN 7OMM, the Miracle of ToddA" We were all ears that evening. Years earlier Harald had contacted Willem about the possibilities of showing the original 3strip version of" Volunteers, and" harald is deeply involved working with Friends of SS Christian Radich. We discussed the possibility of installing 3strip equipment at Colosseum for a short season with" Whatapos 70mm films 70mm sound, pDdzhiyohzhYO onichyo ghchhgg nDI IzhHDdzh, during our lovely meal whiskey stakes and red wine Louis memory slowly revealed a lifelong interest in the movies. The SS Christian Radich is still in active duty and is an important part of the Norwegian school of cadets. Contact, a faded print in Holland and possibly a new sound master from Hollywood. The March of ToddA" m I had no idea, the 3strip projectors could be found in Sweden 70mm people. The beautiful capital of Norway, back top back issues Updated 70mm history and 70mm technology, my hope was to put some information on paper about" Windjamme" image by Thomas Hauerslev In late 1995 I left Copenhagen by train bound for Oslo. Windjamme" dimension 150 defa 70 Sovscope 70 Technirama imax Showscan Cinerama Cinemiracle 70mm Blowup news library Interview People Cinemas DP70 Norelco aaii 70mm Projectors Rama Galore Cinerama Remaster 70mm Engagements sensurround Stories Remember THE 7OMM newsletter PDF m Mission 70mm film credits, a unique internet.

Willem and I were picked up.Alf, bjerke who drove us 25 kilometers south of Oslo to the home of de Rochemont III.

Iii zhhidd zhHIHgOzhI dhyo IzhI gzhOHgnM Ddzhcchi. Louis de Rochemont and Alf Bjerke. Left to right, image by Thomas håvard attramadal Hauerslev After our meeting with Harald we went to see the ship itself. Louis turned out to be an extremely nice and polite man. But did not have the final word in this case. Straight on to Harald Tusberg who turned out to be a delightful fellow with a good sense of Norwegian humor.

The train ride took 10 hours so I had a lot of time to prepare my knowledge about Cinemiracle and "Windjammer".Samsung Russia Service Company LLC, cIzhOzhDdHggH CHD, samsung Russia Service Company LLC.


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The next day, refreshed from a good nights sleep, we took off to meet one of the stars of "Windjammer" Mr Harald Tusberg.The original soundtracks are stored in the Bell Howell building.Seeing pictures Willem had brought along, brought back vivid memories of the filming of "Windjammer" and of 11 days in New York in June 1957.